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Mr. Mortgage is a commercial and residential Mortgage Brokerage Firm, based in Columbia, South Carolina. This firm is based upon over 20+ years of collective commercial & residential finance, hardmoney loans and business lending experience. ​ Mr. Mortgage offers a wide range of financing and financial services to small, medium and large sized companies. We work closely with lenders who specify their loan parameters, inform us of current lending criteria, what forms are required and, in short, keep us constantly up to date on exactly what their needs are so as to keep their work to a minimal with incoming projects. When lenders receive a package from Mr. Mortgage, they know it will be complete and properly packaged. This assures that the lender who receives these projects from Mr. Mortage gives the request priority attention. Mr. Mortgage is closely tied to its lenders. The results are that when we receive a project from a borrower we can immediately screen it and promptly decide if it will fit the criteria of one of our primary Private or Bank Lenders, Asset Based Lenders, or Credit Companies that we correspond with. If it clearly does not fit, the project is returned to the borrower with suggested modifications to meet the borrower's needs. If the project does meet the lender criteria, it is then accepted for processing. We may also require a non-refundable Commercial loan package preparation fee (Only if Borrower request Mr. Mortgage to package the loan). This is determined by the documentation needed to bring the request within the lender guidelines. Mr. Mortgage makes its money by Facilitating the required funding for a borrower through a respective transaction that has closed and funded. A commission base of a specified percentage is charged on all processed loans to be paid at the closing. We are sometimes paid by the Lender and not the Borrower. Upfront fees in the thousands of dollars are never a part of a professional commercial loan or finance service. We look forward to working closely with you in the near future.

Address & Driving Directions:
325 George Sumner Drive, Columbia, SC

Voice: 803-407-4470